Friends of Belmont Birthing

Wilbur Fox Carlon

This is the birth story of our third son, Wilbur Fox Carlon. Born on the 5/12/19.

Pregnancy is exhausting, especially with 2 young kids. But I was really driven this pregnancy to be well nourished and practice yoga and swimming- and gosh it made a difference! I felt good and I had this huge amount of trust in my body’s ability to birth. This was really important, because I take a little longer than average to grow babies- which unfortunately is ‘abnormal’ in the eyes of many health professionals- and they feel the need to intervene. Why on earth do we not have more trust in our babies to know the exact right time to be born? They have done such a wonderful job in utero growing hearts and brains and teeny little blood vessels- they’re not going to just forget to be born. So anyway, the last 2 days of my pregnancy were mentally really tough! I had planned a home birth supported by my wonderful midwife Hollie (from Belmont) and my husband Joe- but as I have learnt with my previous 2 births, things don’t always go to plan so it helps to be flexible.

I had set our home up beautifully with a birth pool and positive birth affirmations and had our oils and herbs ready for labour and birth. My 2 older sons were so excited to be there for the birth of their newest sibling. Unfortunately, once again, I reached 42 weeks’ gestation and my care was transferred to the John Hunter hospital. Another bump in the road arose at 41+6 when the fluid around the baby began to decrease to under 5cm. The doctor wanted to admit me and start the induction process, but I have been down this path before and I was very determined to have labour begin on its own. I was constantly weighing up the pros and cons in my head- trying to make the best choice for myself and my baby. I chose to decline the induction and went home to think things over some more. I chose to follow my gut- I just knew everything was ok and I talked to the baby in my belly about it and he gave me some very profound and reassuring kicks and we fell asleep.

The next day was much the same- went to hospital- AFI low- talked to a beautiful registrar who understood patients’ rights/freedom of choice and I felt confident in my choice to decline induction again. Until the Obstetrician came in on a mission to convince me otherwise. He used a lot of fear tactics and manipulation and I was feeling pretty emotional about the whole situation. Thank goodness I had my midwife with me the whole time validating my feelings and reminding my it was my choice. While sitting in hospital having these conversations, I noticed some slight changes in my body. I had lower back ache- I was an emotional mess- and I was getting some regular but inconsistent tightening’s. So, I chose to decline the induction again and go home and relax and see if labour would kick off. I had a bath and put the kids to bed. My contractions we regular now, every 6 minutes, but only mild. I told Joe to snooze on the couch and I’d wake him if I needed him. He diligently obliged. I spent the next few hours swaying on the birth ball, listening to some Hypnobirthing tracks, and resting between contractions. I kept climbing into bed with my 4-year-old because he gives the best sleepy cuddles and it really kept me relaxed and let the oxytocin flow- and he is so darn cute when he’s asleep. The contractions built in intensity and became closer together, but they were manageable.

I called my mum at around 11pm and she came over to mind the kids and we headed in to the hospital. I was calm and in control and used hypnosis to manage the dreaded car ride to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital and was so relieved when the one room with a bath was available! We went in the room and ran the bath and I was swaying on the ball again, while joe rubbed my lower back. During a contraction I needed to stand up and lean over the counter- and I did this funny hip wiggle- probably to jiggle baby into the birth canal because he was in a bit of a funny position. I had the lights off, eyes closed, earphones in listening to some music and I turned inward. I was no longer in control of my body. It just did what it needed to do. Interestingly, I was silent though labour and birth- which was very different to my last birth where I rhythmically stomped around the houses saying “ahhhhhhhh”. But this time I was chanting mantras over and over in my head. I kept saying “I can do anything for one minute” which reminded me that I had to work hard for the duration of the contraction- and then I could rest in between. When the contractions were over, I’d sit back on the birth ball and relax my body and mind. I started to feel the urge to push- and I honestly couldn’t believe that I was at the end and we would be meeting our baby soon. I jumped in the warm water and oh my goodness! It was so soothing. It took away the ache in my lower back and was so calming. I tried to slow this part of labour down with quick shallow breaths, but 5 minutes later our darling boy was born in the water into my arms and greeted us with a mighty loud cry. I burst into happy tears and he was instantly on the hunt for the boob. He latched on to the breast within minutes of being born and joe and I just stared in awe for the next few hours.

He was only little for a 42+1 week baby, weighing 3.5 kilo.

The first few hours post birth went smoothly, I had a physiological 3rd stage and no issues with me or bub so off we trotted home to see our other 2 boys.
The look on their faces were priceless- they were so excited. Angus (2) wouldn’t stop touching the baby and cuddling him and Flynn (4) was just so stoked he had red hair like him.

Two days on and we have been doing lots of napping, feeding and cuddling and not much else- enjoying the newborn phase as it might just be the last baby we have. Three boys and I think we are officially done... maybe.

This beautiful birth story was written only a couple of days after birth and shared to us to share to the Friends of Belmont Community. Congratulations to the beautiful Carlon family, and thank you for sharing your story!