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There’s no Place Like Home

At one of my antenatal appointments with my 3rd child, the midwife asked me why I wasn’t having a home birth. It was odd to think that a healthcare professional thought I was odd for not choosing the minority option. I offered the usual excuses, my husband doesn’t want to clean up, I’d just feel better if it was at a hospital, didn’t want to scare the neighbours, etc. She asked me to continue to think about it. Such was her calmness and assumption that home birth should be my preference, I started to probe my husband, and myself for pros and cons. I did not take a poll from friends and family, as I already felt their opinions are based on self-experience and not knowledge.

Another month later we decided to aim for a home birth. I truly hate the drive to hospital when in labour, it is such torture to be confined like that. We both detest having to wait at the hospital for 4-6 hours before they release you after birth. I knew I would get 2 midwives, their entire attention devoted to me. And my  midwife said that my husband would not have to clean up the mess (which is not entirely true!).

I bought a nice deep blow up birth pool from the other side of the country. I organised for the hire of an oxygen tank (luckily Belmont clients don’t have to do this anymore). And we waited. And waited. It was even the baby’s due date, but I suspect we were so impatient for this baby because we chose not to find out the sex this time! I ate spicey Chinese food. And waited. My waters broke. And we waited. The contractions would never stick around. I’m eternally grateful the Hunter New England Health’s policy for intervention after waters breaking was a generous 3 days. I went into Belmont for regular heart beat checks. One of the other midwives gave me an invigorating trigger foot massage. I went home again, and refused to sit down. I watched TV standing up, marching on the spot, opening my pelvis. And eventually the contractions stayed. My husband added hot water to the bath in the lounge room. He covered the front door with a sheet so nobody would see accidently. The midwives came and sat in the kitchen chatting to my husband until they heard the trade mark grunt of transition. They applied some soothing pressure to my tailbone, made sure I stayed low enough in the water, told me to stop being tight in my neck to channel the pushing down. Soon enough the baby was out. I scooped him out of the water by myself. I was too elated to even check whether it was a boy or a girl. My husband got that priveledge of discovering he was a boy. He was so beautiful. Such a rush of happy hormones I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. It was so excellent to be in the comfort of my own home. Sitting on our lounge with our new baby. That baby didn’t leave home for atleast 10 days. I thoroughly recommend a home birth for anyone who is confident in their body.