Friends of Belmont Birthing

Renee's baby girl

My waters broke at 9:30pm at night, and Gabrielle arrived 24 hours later. A few hours later we were home, tucked into our own beds, no better place to be after such a special day.

I laboured at home most of the day, mainly lying down on the lounge. I aimed to have an "active" labour, but being my first baby I didn't want to use up all of my energy too soon. One of the most rewarding aspects of choosing BMGP is that my midwife came to my house while I was in labour, sitting for a hour or so with us, to monitor things. Since my midwife had come to know me during the antenatal checkups, he could tell without doing any examinations how far along I was, and whether we would need to go to hospital. It was very reassuring!

gabrielle daviesLabour was hard work, of course. I asked for the gas as soon as I got to the John Hunter, but my midwife suggested I try a bath first, which I never got around to. At one stage I remember my midwife telling me (after listening to the baby's heart beat during a contraction during transition) that my baby was so relaxed she didn't even know she was being born. This gave me a great confidence boost. I tried the kneeling mats, and eventually the birthing stool, and not long after they announced the number 1 song for JJJ Hottest 100 2011, out came my baby girl.

I had heard so many bad stories about breast feeding, I was quite anxious about making it work. Belmont midwives are brilliant with their post-natal check ups. They come to your home as often as you need for the first 10-14 days. These frequent visits from my midwife are the reason my entry into breastfeeding went so well.