Friends of Belmont Birthing


At 40+3 days I woke up ‪at 4am‬, my waters were leaking & I knew today was the day. I was group b strep positive this time so only had 12 hours before induction, so being ‪4am‬, she was coming today!

I was contracting every 10 minutes, they were mild so I pottered around the house, labouring quietly, walking around, praying. I listened to the whole “for Emma, forever ago record”, my favourite record of all time. I did a load of washing & had a shower, got myself “ready” & tried to rest between contractions - 10 minute kips etc. My husband and 3 year old daughter woke up ‪around 7:30‬ and we all talked about what was happening, we had music playing and planned for Zepha to go to my mums house and we would go to Belmont later in the day. We prayed together, thanked God for what was to come and for our family.

Michael was soooooo excited and he was prepping Zepha and making coffee and breaky, Z was playing quietly, saying funny things and making us laugh. It was raining and we were all in a really good headspace, a peaceful Saturday morning!

Around 8:30‬ my contractions were about 3 minutes apart, so I focused on breathing through them, I also made myself have some breakfast - for strength! Michael pottered and did things with Z. I spoke to my midwife and we agreed all was good to continue at home until things sped up. At this stage the plan was still to go to Belmont to deliver in the water.

At 9am‬ my contractions were a minute apart and I KNEW it was on. They were strong. Similar to my first birth, once my labour properly starts it’s started!!! I told Michael to call the midwife to come and also my mum, mum arrived 10 minutes later and Zepha gave me a big cuddle and told me to be brave.. it was so cute. I felt calm and strong. Mum left and it was just us for a little bit. After another few strong contractions I decided that I didn’t want to go to Belmont, everything was too strong & I didn’t want to do the car trip!!

After a quick exchange “so we are having a home birth... are you sure?”. “Yep, you’re not getting me in the car!!”. Michael went into “prep” mode getting towels and drop sheets, we are in a fully carpeted rental!

I laboured by breathing, I felt really in control of my breath this time, deep breath in and slow breath out. I felt powerful & surrendered to the process. Our room has a cool ledge in it so I just hung off that by the window and the air from the rain was beautiful on my face... very peaceful.

My Midwife arrived ‪at about 9:30‬ & she said she had a feeling I wouldn’t make Belmont so had already organised for another midwife to join us & she was downstairs haha!! We had a homebirth kit at our house as supplied by the Belmont team as a just in case.

She checked me and I was 8cm already.

About ‪10:15‬ they checked me again (I begged them to) and I was fully dilated ready to go! The Pain was pretty intense now, Michael was swaying my hips and I was focusing on letting go & not fighting the pain. Funny moment here was, someone was making eggs and bacon and it made me so angry, it smelled so gross!! I also made everyone take a mint cause I couldn’t stand their coffee breath!! So embarrassing but they took it well, anything for a crazy woman in labour!

I asked them to run a bath because I still wanted to deliver in the water, at this point probably could have “pushed” but I was waiting to see what would happen. I climbed into our bath shortly after this and felt urges to push but something held me back.

I had this peaceful moment in the water where I hummed this little song I sing to Zepha to myself & had a little “surrender” chat to Noa... I guess this was just before transition.

At around 11 the pain was overwhelming & I couldn’t figure out in myself how to surrender to the last stage, I remember saying something about how I should have had an epidural and what was I thinking doing it this way - this was obviously transition!! I needed to be told what to do, I had had enough of being in control so I begged Annette to tell me what to do as I couldn’t handle the choices. I told her I’d do whatever she wanted, “you just tell me how to get this baby out!”.
So she got me to sit on the toilet!!!!

2 contractions later & Noa’s head was practically out, Annette gently told me to stand up, so I grabbed Michael around the neck and he pulled me up and she was born in the next contraction ‪at 11:13‬!
Pushing was soooooooo painful this time but I think that’s cause she was bigger than my first. I literally yelllllled so loud in this part, I was not cool calm or collected. I was done, but it felt like a big victory yell - a final surrender!
As she came out, I picked her up and she looked up at me with these gorgeous blue eyes and it was just instant adoration. I asked to go back in the water and that was amaaaazing such a nice feeling and we had some delicious skin to skin which I never had with Zepha!
It was just so amazing, just my midwife Annette who I knew well, Michael and another midwife Janene, no interventions or confusion just us in our home. So precious & peaceful.

As I lay in the water I just felt so grateful and elated, but I was still contracting because I hadn’t birthed the placenta yet. We had talked about not doing the shot because of my marginal cord, but I just couldn’t enjoy the skin to skin because I was in pain. I asked for the shot & they gave it to me & as I was getting out of the bath I gave a tiny push & my placenta fell out all over Annette’s feet!!!!!
It was soooooo funny & gross!

Michael was doing skin to skin with Noa, so I had a shower and they checked me & I had a graze and a tiny tear that didn’t need stitching so I was pretty happy with that!

Then they brought me Noa and I fed her for about an hour, we all snuggled and the midwives stayed about 4 hours, had tea and coffee with us. They did their paperwork & got us all settled and then they cleaned up and left! It was SO WEIRD and peaceful. The whole process felt so right, It was amazing, soooo not clinical or anything. I had a good birth with Zepha but this was so much better. Even Michael was just blown away, he is home births biggest fan now! She was a real miracle, because of the cord we were told she’s be small, maybe not make it to her due date and she was nearly 4kg & perfectly perfect!

I couldn’t recommend the Belmont team, Annette specifically & homebirth enough. The pre birth and post birth care was just incredible, the inclusion of my daughter throughout, the trust & kindness shown was out of this world, we are so lucky to have a service like this! We nicknamed Annette “Aunty Annette” because after this experience, she feels like family.

Thank you so much for delivering our beautiful baby!