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Memphis Reign

Every day for a week prior to little Mem's birth I thought "today is 'the' day". It amazes me that with my second baby I still wasn't really sure about what I would experience leading up to labour. At 6am on September 29th I came to realise I was going to have our baby and as the morning progressed my contractions became stronger.

memphis1I think back on this morning and smile at how ordinary it was. Dad was on annual leave from work already so he was home and we did all our normal things like breakfast and washing. I had even called a tradesperson to get a quote for our driveway. To keep my first born Luca happy I played her kindermusik CDs in her room and danced through some of the contractions with her (who would have thought nursery rhymes would be my labour music rather than the music I had prepared).

I wanted to stay home as long as possible but when Luca was showing signs of needing a nap at around 11am we decided to head off to the birth centre in hopes she would go to sleep on the way (thank goodness we did).

On arriving, Julie got me to lie down to feel my tummy for the baby's position and at that exact moment my waters broke. Julie said now that my waters had broken labour would come on thick and fast which it most certainly did (that was 12.50pm). I went into the birth pool for a little while with Luca (she loved it) but I wasn't comfortable for long in there and I went into the shower where I was more comfortable leaning over a chair and having the water run over my back.

At 1.34pm I felt the need to push and at 1.48pm our second little girl was born. Now I'm no expert but that felt fast to me.

When Memphis came down the birth canal her cord was briefly trapped. This may or may not have been the reason why but she was having a hard time breathing on her own. I remember saying she was going to sleep and she was turning a blue/purple colour so our bub was taken off me and put on a trolley to keep warm and give her air.memphis2

The midwives tried a couple of times to take Memphis off the forced air but each time her progress went backwards and after an hour the decision was made for her to be transferred to the NICU at John Hunter Hospital.

It simply turned out to be that our baby had trouble transitioning from her world of water to this new world of air. Needless to say that this time was stressful but she was given the best of care and she is now a thriving, happy six month old.

I have had people say to me in the past that not having a baby in a hospital environment was irresponsible because I wouldn't have access to all these services that save babies lives. I love my birth story because it shows how efficient and well trained Belmont's midwives are. Of course we would have loved to have gone home straight away but it was not meant to be. The highly trained and specialised NETS team came and transferred Memphis to the John Hunter Hospital where she was treated. If this had of been a home birth I know they would have had the equipment with them then too to deal with this situation.

If we were to have any more additions to our family I would love to have them with the Belmont team. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I would love to send out a big thank you and hug to my midwife Kim A. who saw me through both my pregnancies and Julie S. who was my midwife for both births. Also a special thank you to Fiona who was the second midwife at my birth who came over and helped me at John Hunter Hospital.