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Julie's Two Boys

I originally chose Belmont Birthing Service as a way to be as far removed as possible from my two greatest fears - either having a needle in my spine or having c-section! I was also equally fearlful of the guilt I would feel if something were to happen to my baby by choosing to go against modern day society's accepted medical approach to birthing our babies.

What my nurturing midwife taught me was to trust my innate instincts to birth my baby and engage my body's own magical cocktail of hormones to cope with labour. She helped me understand that when it comes to birthing we are still stone-age women and once fear is removed we can all engage our primal instincts. After a beautiful, natural delivery I was left elated with a sense of 'I am woman'! julie

I then cruised through my second pregnancy, kept very busy between working, chasing after my toddler and renovating our house. It wasn't until the 30 week mark it dawned on me that I really hadn't given much thought to birthing this baby. So silly, but sudden panic set in and all my old fears came back. In tears I called my midwife and she reassured me that even if my baby were to arrive tomorrow, I would be fine. As an option, she also suggested that my husband and I consider attending Calm Birth classes, which were exactly what we needed to take time out of our busy schedules and connect with this new baby.

As my due date came and went I was experiencing reduced fetal movements, signaling that I would need obstetric observation. My baby's wellbeing was determined satisfactory, but the obstetrician still offered induction. By this stage I was totally against any form of medical intervention, but of course my baby's safety was still of the upmost importance. My midwife and I had a decision to make and once again she reminded me of the stone-age analogy - it was time for me to stop and rest in my cave so my baby felt it was a safe time to arrive in the world.

After a relaxing family dinner the following evening I was reading bedtime stories to my toddler and finally feeling at peace with my impending birth. Coincidently, those familiar first twinges also began and three hours later I was holding my second beautiful baby boy in my arms. Knowing how much it would mean to me, my midwife still attended the birth even though it meant she would only have a couple of hours sleep before flying interstate that morning to deliver a training day. The dedication of the Belmont Birthing team is one-of-a-kind.

I truly feel that if I had chosen a medical model for my prenatal care then both of my births would have had a very different outcome. I am so grateful that I am one of the few people in today's society that can reflect on their births an uplifting, positive experience.