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Joseph's Birth Story

From 37 weeks I tried all the old wives tales to induce labour, you name it i tried it all except castor oil!

Started on the 3rd of March when I started to lose parts of my mucous plug throughout the day. Later that afternoon/night I also started spotting so i know labour was coming soon. Early hours of Wednesday (4th) I decided to go lay on the couch and watch Tv as I was just too excited to sleep. I finally started to doze off around 2-3 am and that’s when I woke up to the mildest of mild cramps every now and then. From 4 am they were starting to get a little uncomfortable to just lay down so I sat on the exercise ball and just timed them. At like 630 am (after asking about every Facebook mums group I was in) I finally called Janene’s number, Elise was the midwife of call so I just let her know that I thought I was in labour and that I had my 40 week appointment with Janene at 12 that day. After I spoke to Elise my contractions seemed to have died down and I decided to have a nap and I had maybe 2-3 contractions from 7-830. Janene sent me a message at 8/830ish to say that Elise said I thought I was in labour and how I was feeling and suggested I move our appointment to 2pm so I could labour at home some more but I decided to keep the 12 appointment so I could get checked out. I was laying in bed and all contractions had pretty much stopped but at about 930 I felt a really strong contraction and a gush feeling I tried to get out of bed as soon as o could but I was tangled in the blankets luckily I was wearing a pad! I messaged Janene and told her o think my waters broke and that I’ll see her at 12. Chris and I Quickly got some last minute things together and packed the car. We left our place at Corlette at 1030am at that point contractions were still very mild. During the car trip I was playing some old Cd’s I found very loudly and singing along and it wasn’t until we drove past the Mater Hospital (around 1130ish) that I actually had to turn the music and actually start concentrating on the contractions.

We got to Belmont just before 12 and Chris dropped me off at the front door of the hospital and I walked up to the birth centre while he parked the car. I went straight into the birth room and that’s when my contractions really started to ramp up and it really felt like a lifetime waiting for Chris and Janene to walk in. As soon as Janene walked in I felt like I needed to push, so I attempted to hop up on the bed so she could check how dilated I was. Man laying down made the contractions 100x worse I really don’t know how people birth laying on their back in bed. I had to hop off the bed before she could check me as it was just too painful. The contraction finally ended so I quickly hopped back on the bed so she could check me and so everyone’s surprise I was 9cm dilated.

Finally the bath was deep enough to hop in and pretty much as soon as I got in the urge to push kicked in. I found pushing actually helped counteract the contractions and was amazed that I got total relief from the pain in between contractions. When Janene said she could see his head I asked if he had hair as I wanted to know whether I went through all that heartburn for a reason haha. It was such an amazing feeling to put my hand down there and feel his head coming and going. Once his head was out it was the biggest relief from all the pain and seconds later the rest of his body was delivered and the first words out of my mouth were “that wasn’t as painful as I thought”.

Once I was out of the bath we then waited for the placenta to be delivered. After what seemed like forever it still wasn’t showing any signs of coming so Janene gave me the shot but still no go so that was the point where the decision was made for me to be transferred to the John. So Chris got Joey (still at the time yet to be named) ready for his first car trip and I was prepped for my first ambulance ride. Once I got into a birthing suite at the John a Dr gave me another injection directly into the umbilical chord and the placenta came right out. I was then prepped for surgery to asses and fix my tear which didn’t happen for quite some time as there was an emergency. The next day went pretty smoothly or so we thought.... Jane came in to visit and check in on us in the morning which was nice.

Later that day we had a lactation consultant come in as he still wasn’t feeding and that’s when we received the news that our baby had a cleft palate and he was whisked up to NICU. I was pretty distraught most of that night worried for my boy as he was on tube feeds until he could be seen by a speech pathologist. On the Sunday before we left Hollie was amazing and spent all day prepping all the paperwork and discharge papers and giving me a list of appointments I needed to make after we returned home. That night I give props to the wonderful midwives on shift who really helped me develop a good pumping schedule and really helped increase my supply. Monday was finally home day after the most magical birth at Belmont and a very eventful 5 day stay at the John we finally got to bring our baby boy home and he also finally got a name - Joseph Allan Fuller.

Now as of writing this he is a super happy, healthy and thriving 12 week old!