Friends of Belmont Birthing


Hazel was born on the 9/8/2019, our fourth and final bubba. I was ten days overdue on the 8/8/2019 and had gone into JHH to get an ultrasound to check the fluid levels, then a checkup with our amazing midwife Kelly, I had an internal done and a stretch and sweep, I was already 4cm dilated. We were sent home and Kelly was sure she would see us very soon!

My husband and I got home around 6:30-7pm and had dinner with our other 3 beautiful kids. I was getting tightening but nothing major, we all went to bed and I woke up at 1am with contractions, they were so intense! I had two contractions 15 minutes apart, I had called Kelly to tell her it was time, then my mum to come over. She was here within 5 minutes, then my water broke (my waters only break just before I give birth) my husband (Chris) got me into the car, the contractions were so close one after the other, I really had the urge to push. We had Kelly on loud speaker telling me to pant and we arrived at Belmont hospital at the same time as Kell, she rushed over to our car and they both helped me out of the car, my contractions were so full on and the urge to push was so intense. We got upstairs (in the lift of course) and I asked Kell to run a bath for me ,she ran down to the room and got the bath started, I got into the room and couldn’t resist the urge to push, I got into the bed and pushed a couple of times and our beautiful Hazel Mae was born at 2:40am weighing 4870grams. The bath wasn’t even a 1/4 full.

We were back at home and cuddled up on the lounge by 5 am, it was such an amazing surprise for our 3 other children to wake up and meet their new little sister!