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The Birth of Alyra

Our fourth baby, our second daughter, our last little one to complete our family. We have an 8year old(boy) 5year old(girl) & a 2year old(boy). When I was a first-time mum with no birthing experience I chose to birth in a hospital and at the end of the day my first born & I were healthy. I wanted to experience a different kind of birth when having my second, I wanted options. I didn’t want coached pushing; I didn’t want to lay on my back what I really wanted was an unmedicated water birth. I was extremely impressed & loved my second birth. 

With more knowledge & more understanding I instantly started to think of birth the moment I found out I was pregnant with my third. Everything I hoped for went straight out the window this time round & I found myself in an unplanned home birth. It was such a magical experience. So, of course, when finding out I was pregnant with my fourth I was craving to fulfil another home birth, yet this time I wanted to plan it & spend the time organising it! I found Belmont group practise & met my beautiful midwife Asha! She was fully understanding of me wanting a home birth & helped me organise it throughout my pregnancy. 

I was due on Thursday the 19/03/20. From 7am on Tuesday the 17/03/20 I found myself experiencing inconsistent tightening’s. Almost none of them were timetable, so I just bounced around on my ball hanging out with my 2-year-old while my older children were at school, I kept my partner updated all day while at work. 4pm came around & finally I was able to start timing the tightening’s, we gave our kids dinner & bathed them, we eventually made the decision to have them be picked up by a grandparent as I felt I could progress more in a quiet environment. Turns out that worked really well, by 7:30pm I rang Asha & Elise answered, she was going to be the second midwife, she got a hold of Asha who then contacted me to ask a few questions, she also asked if she could bring a student, I was more than happy with that! Asha showed up at 8pm & I felt very intense tightening’s at that point. 

She set herself up & I found “my zone” inside of the birth space of which I had created in early laboured. It was basically just a very simple floor nest for a land birth. I had my partner supporting me, rubbing my hips to release some pressure I was experiencing. I had a low-level lounge and found myself on my knees at the ground & leaning on a pillow tower over the lounge. As each tightening progressed I was losing sight of my breathing techniques I had spent so long practising & become much more vocal, expressing that I didn’t want to do it anymore( I knew full well I was very close then) expressing that fear had washed over me, I checked my phone & saw 8:16pm. Asha reminded me to trust my body & my baby, she reassured me I was safe & that there was nothing to fear! My best friend became involved offering her hands for me to squeeze. I could feel my baby coming down the birth canal with every intense pressure that hit me. 

My partner eagerly wanted to “catch” our baby, he stayed behind me & rubbed my hips while watching our baby lower through the birth canal in a mirror. After vocalising that I was “stinging & burning” for a moment, our babies head was born, it was unreal (although given I have done it 3 times before hand) it truly is such an incredible experience every time it happens, as one more intense pressure occurred her entire body was delivered straight into the hands of her dad! 8:29pm, I couldn’t believe how quick she was born! She was passed back under my legs and into my arms for a cuddle. 

The joy I have experienced for achieving what I had organised for so long could not have happened without the help of the Belmont Midwifery Group Practise! And a huge thankyou to the student who captured stunning pictures/videos. Something I don’t have for any of my other children. We didn’t have to travel anywhere or stress, we just all went to bed & breastfed our new daughter until she was content! Our older children are fascinated & smitten with their baby sister who is the perfect addition to complete our family!