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The Birth of Ellie

The birth of Ellie, home today after 5 nights in NICU.

It all started Wednesday 4th March (a week and a bit before my due date). At about 7pm I realised I was coming down with a temp so I decided to call my Belmont midwife. Hollie was on leave but the lovely Asha picked up and got me to go into the John to be checked. After sitting at the John for an hour and a half I noticed that Asha had come in to check us and take over (seriously this made my night and made me realise how amazing the Belmont ladies really are!). She got me straight through to a room and started to run tests and get me monitored up. I got put on antibiotics immediately and put on fluids. At 11:30pm they decided they were going to admit me as my temp was still spiking up a lot, so an hour and a half later off to a ward I went.

In the morning, after a pretty hectic night of constant fevers, bags of fluid and antibiotics they decided I needed to be more closely watched and moved me back to the birthing suite. They told me at this point that Asha had phoned to make sure I was okay and to check on my bloods, so nice to think Belmont still had me in their minds. When we got to the birthing suite Jane was at the desk and we had a good chat about what was happening and she said she would let Jenni know as she was in the John that day. Once getting my room I was set up on monitors again and we realised bubs heart rate was very high, they were now less worried about my temps and more worried about bub. We decided to just watch a wait for a bit. No one knew at this point why I had temps or why bubs heart was not super happy. Next thing I know Jenni is in our room and making sure we are all okay and being looked after well (I’ve got to admit we were looked after very well by the John Hunter midwives and doctors). She made sure hubby was settled too which was lovely as most people forget about the men! By this point it’s about midday and we still have no answers, but everyone is getting more and more concerned about us both.

We decided to check my cervix, and I was 3cm already, so the discussion of an induction was had. We decided to give it a few more hours and see if everything calmed down a bit. By 3pm bub was still going up and down with her heart rate and my temps were not doing great. We knew it was time to act on this. Jenni made sure we felt safe and knew our rights etc, but deep down I knew this was the best place for us and knew an induction was needed. She was very apologetic as she had to leave but really wanted to stay with us, but for me just hearing how much care she had for us was enough to know Belmont was still looking after me. 4pm came around and while bub was finally happy and my temp was a decent level the doctors broke my waters.

They let me have reduced monitoring and see if my body would start anything by itself for a while. After an hour and a half and no change the hormone drip was begun at 7pm. This is when it started to get intense and unfortunately when bub also decided it was time to start getting a wee bit upset and her heart rate went up again, so back on the monitors we went. Roll on the next few hours of contractions and being uncomfortable to 9:30pm and I knew my body was getting ready to push. I was 9cm but I was ready to push. I was pretty out of sorts at this point and not staying focused but I managed to calm down and just try focus on bub and readjust my mind. By 9:55pm I couldn’t wait anymore and had to push, I was 9.5cms but the midwife knew I couldn’t wait anymore so she helped me and stretched me during contractions and at 10:16pm Ellie entered the world! But it was not smooth sailing from here...

Ellie in NICUUnfortunately Ellie came out very blue and not breathing 100% and got rushed to the oxygen for some help, NICU came and checked her and after 5 minutes she was back on my chest but after a wee feed she was then rushed back off and into NICU’s care. The next few days were spent in NICU under a bit of CPAP and extra monitoring. I was admitted down in K2 ward and Ellie remained in NICU. The Belmont ladies were still keeping us in their thoughts and messaging me and if any of them were in the hospital they came and checked on us. It was so nice to know they still look after us even though we aren’t currently in their care. After 5 days and me getting discharged, but Ellie still in NICU it’s been tough, but Hollie has been great making sure we are okay and checking in on us daily. Even though I didn’t get my Belmont birth like my first, I feel we were in the right place for the birth and for bub and me. Belmont care is still out of this world amazing and I recommend them to any and everyone I know!