Friends of Belmont Birthing

Calypso's Birth

We were excited and very prepared for your arrival. I had a cake in the freezer so we could welcome you and I had raisin toast in the freezer too because you were a winter baby and I thought it would be great to celebrate all the hard work I'd done with some delicious raisin toast smeared with butter. Our dining room where you were to be born was filled with our wedding banners to separate it from the kitchen and to make it extra cosy and the empty birth pool was ready to go.

Just like Billie the start of labour was marked by your water bag breaking when I woke.  The rush of water concerned me as there were no waves to accompanying it.  I called the midwife to tell her and Ras drove Billie to Bob and Anita's.  We put on your special birth playlist which was a great collection of music from friends and we burned clary sage oil and chilled out for the day waiting for the waves to begin.  It was a perfect sunny winter's day.

At 4pm the midwife came to visit and I cried wondering when labour would begin.  We went to bed that night with anticipation and at 1pm a sharp kick from you woke me and I welcomed the strong waves that came with it.  I was so excited that you were ready to come now whilst feeling daunted at the prospect of birthing you.  We called the midwife and she soon arrived.  I was breathing calmly in the living room on all fours on a yoga mat.  Your Dad went to fill the birth pool. The noise of him connecting the pipes was loud and distracting. I ordered him to sit down saying that the only one doing anything was me.  After a while the midwife encouraged me to sit on the toilet to change positions.  I reluctantly moved to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and soon hopped off and went back to all fours next to the sink in our little bathroom. After a long time of breathing through the waves I started to feel tired and hopeless wondering when I would experience the urge to push you out.

tessI could hear myself complaining and noticed the light coming into the sky through the bathroom window. I knew this meant that dawn was approaching and I had been labouring for a long time.  I knew that I did not want to get exhausted and risk being too tired to birth you and the placenta.   All of a sudden I realised with resolve that it was time you were born. I had not experienced the urge to push with Billie.  I spoke with the midwife about it and she agreed it would be a good idea to push you out.  I started pushing. The midwife told me she needed to get her dolphin torch to see what was happening and I wondered what she meant imagining a little dolphin shaped torch. Ras and the second midwife squeezed into the bathroom. The intense sensation of crowning came and the midwife reassured me saying, "That's normal stretching." I placed my hand on my vagina to feel you coming and I could feel that everything was fine. The midwife asked me to take off my nightdress and I didn't understand why but she explained that then I could put you skin to skin on my chest when you were born and then I knew you were almost with us.  With a couple more pushes you were born.  A beautiful girl!

As I had had a post-partum haemorrhage with Billie we chose to have an active third stage where I had a shot of syntocin in the thigh.  I was disappointed not to birth the placenta myself but happy to avoid the risk of another haemorrhage and ending up at the hospital. We popped the placenta in the freezer ready to be planted under a lillypilly at Wallaway.

We went and lay on the coach all bundled in blankets and you started feeding within an hour whilst I ate raisin toast!

Ras and the midwives cleaned everything up whilst we snuggled so thrilled to have you with us at home.