Friends of Belmont Birthing

Born at Belmont

When I was pregnant with my second child I quickly signed up to Belmont Birth Service, and was able to request the same midwife I had the first time. It’s very welcoming to have your best-birthing-friend straight back at your side, we picked up where we left off. It was super convenient to have my midwife come to my house for checkups. Budget tip: if you want to have the 20 week scan bulk billed then book into Belmont Hospital’s imaging service asap, because they book out quickly.

My first baby was born at John Hunter, by my choice. Less than a year later this option was already off the table, I could only use a Belmont midwife if I had the baby at Belmont Hospital. I was devastated, as I was comfortable with the birthing process I had already been through. By devastated, I mean I burst into tears in front of the Belmont manager and my midwife. Anyways, I eventually came to accept it and just calculated how many extra sets of traffic lights I would have to endure in labour.

His due date came and went, I caught a very nasty cold. I was approaching the +10 day mark, and my body knew I was in no shape to give birth. My midwife went into bat for me, asking the overseeing obstetrician to give me an extra day to recover some strength before being induced. Within an hour of feeling the slightest bit of energy to tidy the house a little, I started to suspect I was having contractions. My in-laws had come to town for the birth, but had given up and came to say their goodbyes. Definitely getting some contractions, the painless kind where your belly goes rock hard, before the pain of fatigue. My mum came to pick up my 1 year old daughter and whisk her away. My Mum was never a big fan of the natural birthing approach, she thought for sure I should already be at the hospital. We eventually called the midwives, unfortunately my longtime-midwife was out of town. It was late in the afternoon and 2 midwives would meet us at Belmont Hospital, but not to leave too soon as to beat them there. We still left too soon and arrived at the hospital before the midwives did, and at this time of day the Birthing rooms are closed. So a security guard kept watch while I walked figure 8’s in the hallway, only slightly out of view of the emergency waiting room. One of the doctors came to watch, but could see they could be of no real assistance.

A midwife arrived, up we went to the Birthing rooms, she started the bath. It was torture waiting for the bath. Lieing down was too uncomfortable. More figure-8 walking in the giant birthing room. Finally the bath was ready and oh my god was it awesome. Once I was in transition and might have perhaps been screaming perhaps in an uncontrolled manner, one of the midwives whom I had never met started whispering in my ear. And it calmed me down. And soon he was born and he was healthy 4kg and handsome. A few hours later we went home.

When I became pregnant my 3rd child I requested the midwife that whispered in my ear!