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About Belmont

The Belmont Midwifery Group Practice ("Belmont" for short) is a group of midwives who provide continuity of care for well and healthy women. Continuity of care means you are seen during your pregnancy, labour and following weeks by the same midwifery team. It allows you to develop a relationship with your primary carer, discovering each others strengths.

bath waterWomen who birth with Belmont are offered the opportunity to birth either at home or in the birthing suites at Belmont Hospital. They recognise that each woman's pregnancy, needs and expectations is unique and individual. They provide midwifery care that is personal and professional in a warm, family friendly environment.

This service is publicly funded! All you need is your medicare card and then it's free!

Download: Belmont facts sheet

Visit: Belmont Midwifery Group Practice on the official HNEH site

"We believe childbearing and breastfeeding are normal, healthy functions of the woman's body. The birth of a baby is a profound and transformative experience for both the woman and her partner.

Antenatal Care

Belmont can offer antenatal visits in a variety of settings:

  • Belmont Birth Centre
  • John Hunter Hospital
  • Your home
  • Waratah Early Childhood Clinic


Belmont supports breastfeeding and has a high rate of of successfully breastfeeding mums on discharge.

"I was anxious about establishing breastfeeding after hearing so many negative stories from people around me. I now consider myself a breastfeeding pro! I attribute this to having my own midwife giving me advice instead of lots of different nurses.

- Renee, Charlestown, mother of 3 Belmont babies

Post-natal Care

Your Belmont midwife continues to visit you and your baby in your home for up to 14 days after the birth. They can visit as often as you are comfortable with!

How do I access this service?

  • Self referral - just call 02 4923 2108!
  • GP referral (by phone or fax)
  • Booking in visit (ask your midwife or doctor)